The Course of Life

The four seasons symbolizes the course of life in a perfect way. Out of nothing nature creates new life,in all its glory. We harvest that which we have sown. We remember the abundance life has to offer. And somewhere along the way comes the time to say good-bye to this world. As painful and mournful this might be for family and friends, it is the natural course of life. The miracles of birth of my own children arouse my desire to absolve the training to become a doula. I gave support to expectant parents during the last weeks of pregnancy until the childbirth, and the first weeks thereafter. I have always been conscious that this beautiful moment of greeting can also become a moment of farewell.

Be it due to complications when giving birth, be it due to illness such a farewell is very hard to bear for surviving dependents. Plenty of time is needed to find a way to deal with this bereavement: Learning to accept that the child will be missed forever, that one´s own life continues, that it is important to mourn but that the future will not only consist of grief. It is painful to accept that one will go on living with this loss and somewhere in time one will be dedicated to life again and not only to memories. This was followed by specialist courses on the topic of accompanying people when saying goodbye and dying (SRK), as a nursing assistant (SRK), the specialist course on funeral ceremonies/farewell rituals, the diploma course to become a undertaker with a federal specialist certificate and training as a certified grief companion.

 It has always been important to me to treat others in such a way that I would like to be treated. Feeling this need I decided to establish this enterprise to greet the deceased with dignity and solicitousness. I want to demonstrate the respect for them they deserve. By doing so I lay the foundation for those left behind, to cope with the grief, to fulfill the need for a last ritual. All the things that matter shall be said when we depart on our last journey.

If you wish to know more find an interview on this “link” or just visit us in our office in Ebikon close to the City of Lucerne. You’ll find a worm welcome.