The circle of life

The four seasons symbolise the circle of life perfectly. Life emerges from nothing, then splendour blossoms.  We reap what we have sown and remember the abundance that life offers us.  At some point we must say goodbye to this world, as painful and sad as this process is for the relatives, it is also the most natural. The miracle of the birth of my own children awakened in me the desire to train as a doula birth companion.  I accompanied the parents-to-be in the last weeks of pregnancy, up to the birth and the first weeks afterwards.  During this time, I realised that this wonderful job can also involve saying goodbye at the same time as saying hello.

Over the years working as a doula, I developed the desire to accompany people on their final journey and to close the circle of their life together.

To achieve this, I went on to successfully complete the diploma course for funeral directors and undertakers with a federal certificate, I have also trained as a certified bereavement counsellor.

I additionaly completed specialised courses on the subject of last farewells and dying (SRC), as a care assistant (SRC) and further courses on funeral ceremonies and farewell rituals.

It is of utmost importance to me to treat others as I would wish to be treated myself. With this in mind, I founded my funeral directors and undertaking business. Together with my team, we strive to treat the deceased with dignity, respect and compassion, giving them the care and attention they deserve at all times. But also to lay a first foundation for those who remain behind,  a basis for coming to terms with grief, a ground to fulfil last wishes, requests or rituals and the possibility to say the important last words before your loved one embarks on their final journey.

You can find more information in the interview under this “link” or visit us in our office in Ebikon on the outskirts of Luzern, where a pleasant, friendly atmosphere awaits you.