Funeral Assistance

Dealing with the loss of a family member or friend is difficult and sometimes overwhelming.  Knowing that we have lost someone forever awakens strong feelings in us.  Pain, fear, uncertainty and much more.

You are not alone, we can be there for you!

Knowing who to contact can make dealing with the situation a little easier for you. We will gently guide and support you through this sensitive planning process.


We will prepare your loved one with dignity and respect at all times.  Taking time to prepare and dress them either in their own clothing or a shroud, which can be supplied by us.

Personal grief and rituals play an important part in the process of saying goodbye and help us to consciously walk the last path together.

Do you need support in contacting local authorities to register the death? You may also appreciate our help designing, printing and sending obituaries. And of course any other tasks we can help you with.