Funeral Assistance

A case of death is always a pivotal incident. Knowing that we have lost a human being forever arouses intense feelings in us. Sorrow, fear, and uncertainty overcome us. No one can keep us from pain.

What are we and what we can do. We are there for you!

You are not alone. With us you will have a partner who gives support in this difficult time.


We treat the soul of a human being with dignity, we greet the deceased with respect and empathy, with beautiful rituals, personally addressed words and actions. We wash and dress the departed. Sorrow shall find its place while saying good-bye. It is an important part of the ritual and shall help us to face reality and go consciously together along the final way.

Do you need help with formalities? We will support you corresponding with local authorities, designing, printing as well as sending obituaries and with other tasks that may be required.